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  • Fag Rabbit "stone man, glass woman" 3 song 7" FR Rec. Killer raw punk from these LA bar legends. Before there was Smogtown there was Fag Rabbit
  • Fake Hyppi/Headache 4 song split 7" Panx France.
  • Far From Breaking "Made My Choice" 7" Third Party Rec. SxE ala Gorilla Bisquits.
  • Fastards/Dread 101 split 7" Insane Society Rec. Extreme crustcore from the Czech Republic.
  • The Feds/The Marshes split 7" Dr. Strange Rec.
  • The Feds "Classified" 7" Dr. Strange. Rec. More Chicago punk.
  • Fields Of Fire "Live At KCSB" 7" Break Even Point Rec. Italy. Awesome set by this LA sxe hardcore band.
  • Final Blast/Raptsplit 7" Bootleg. This is an awesome re-issue of class thrash and grind from the 80's. Originally released in 1985 on Chaoz Produzioni Records, Italy. $5ppd USA.
  • Final Exit/Embalming Theatre split 7" Nuclear BBQ Rec. Japaenese vs. Switzerland hardcore.
  • Final Exit/Bludge split 7" TVG Rec Germany. Japan vs. Sweden. Final Exit's humor and h/c vs. Bludge's straight ahead thrash attack.
  • Final Exit/None Of Your Fucking Business split 7" Agitate 96 Rec. Hardcore noise and grind from LA and Japan.
  • First Degree Murder "Fuck" 8 song 7" Yellow Dog Rec. Germany. Great political crust from Sweden.
  • Fisticuffs "Apocalypse Now" 7 song 7" Motherbox Rec. Straight up punk rock!!. Better than the split with Kill Your Idols.
  • The Fixtures"Entartete Kunst" 4 song 7" House O' Pain Rec. A few of these out-of-print 7"s found there way back to us. Get it now.
  • The Fixtures "Screw The World" 4 song 7" Know.
  • Forced to Decay "YGGDRASIL" 3 song 7" Per Koro Germany. Neurosis meets Doom style hardcore.
  • Fourteen Or Fight "s/t" 7" Lengua Armada. Straight fast hardcore by ex-Charles Bronson and MK Ultra members.
  • 46 Short s/t 5 song s/t 7" Last Dollar Rec. Jerks meets Flag punk from Long Beach.
  • 46 Short/Krombacherkellerkinder split 7" Horror Business Records Germany. Killer split with both bands doing covers of Black Flag and Minor Threat! $4ppd USA.
  • 46 Short/Mother Fucking Titty Suckers 6 song split 7" Last Dollar Rec. Old school Long Beach punk vs. fucked up shit by members of Gehenna.
  • Fuck On The Beach/Matka Teresa split 7" RSR Rec. A classic...enough said
  • Fuck On The Beach/Ruido split 7" Know. It's out so get it while you can. Vinyl on black or blue colors.
  • Fun Girls from Mt. Pilot "Dairy Of A Madwoman" 5 song 7" House O' Pain. Great spoof of Ozzy album on cover.
  • Fun Girls from Mt. Pilot/Slackers 7 song split 7" House O' Pain. Straight ahead fast punk - fat guitars..etc..
  • Full Fledge Ledge "Vladamir" 3 song7" No Coast Rec. Really great straight ahead punk from the mid-west.
  • Gameface "A Day In June" 7" Dr. Strange. Melodic hardcore punk.
  • Gameface "Cupcakes" 7" Dr. Strange.
  • The GC5 "Buy American" 5 song 7" - Straight ahead speed punk. Reminds me of Zeke.
  • The GC5 "Takin' It To The Streets" tour 99 7"
  • Get It Aways/t 7" Third Party Rec. Hardcore from Chi-town.
  • Global Holocaust "Unequal Justice" 7" Rotten To The Core Rec. Killer hardcore release.
  • Global Holocaust/Obnoxious Race split 7" TS Records. More ultra grindcore
  • Global Holocaust/Urban Trash split 7" TS Records. Killer split
  • Goatboy/Nothing To Lose split 7" Slow To Burn. Canada Politics and punk from Vancouver.
  • Grin "Part Of Me" 3 song 7" Break Even Point Rec. Italy. Melodic hardcore. Dag Nasty meets Uniform Choice.
  • Grieavance/Soar split 7" Stonehenge Rec. France. Straight ahead hardcore thrash from France and Italy.
  • Guttermouth "Balls" 7" Dr. Strange. Early 90's SoCal punk.
  • Guttermouth "Puke" 7" Dr. Strange. Ditto.
  • Hawg Jaw/Face First split 7" Riotous Assembly. Brutal hardcore from North Carolina and Louisiana.
  • Harsh "Liquid Diet" 9 song 7" Rat Town Rec. Old school punk from Florida.
  • Hated Principles/Gorgonized Dorks split 7" Agromosh Rec. HC split with veterans from the Flipside crew.
  • Hazard "Hate Hate Hate" 7" MCR Japan. Crushing punk ala Exploited but from Japan.
  • Health Hazard "Not Just A Nightmare" 7" Minstrel Rec. France. Another great release from this UK political hardcore band.
  • Heist "Pain Is Causing Life" 7" Havoc Rec. Blistering hardcore from Australia.
  • The Hellbenders "Hangovers In Overdrive" 7" Gumshoe Rec. LA punk-rock-n-roll.
  • Hellchild/Gomorrha split 7" Per Koro Germany. Japan vs. Germany. Intense thrash from both bands. Killer cover art.
  • Hellshock "Arrows To The Poor" 7" Whisper in Darkness. Political hardcore from Portland.
  • Helvis "Genocider" 6 song 7" Weird Rec UK. Fast aggressive old school punk from the UK
  • Highstrung "Valerie 23" 5 song 7" House O Pain. Fast paced melodic kid punks.
  • Highway Strippers "Stories For Stags" 4 song 7" Mobcore Rec. Awesome East Coast garage!!
  • Hillbilly Blitzkrieg/Welfare split 7" Sensual Underground Ministries. Hardcore punk.
  • Hog "hombre muerto" 7" Lengua Armada Rec. Brutal hardcore from Mexico. Great DIY packaging you've come to expect from Lengua Armada Records.
  • Holly Tree "Anytime, Anywhere" 7" Headline Rec. Limited to 300 copies. Very tight Dead Boys sounding outfit from Brazil.
  • Hostile Takeover "Youth Grenade" 7" Crucial Rec. Hardcore in that Charles Bronson kind of way. Funny song titles!
  • The Humpers "Mutate With Me" 7" Junk Rec. Long Beach's Humpers in their prime.
  • I Quit "That's It" 7" Busted Head Rec. Sweden. More fastcore from Sweden.
    Impel "Writhe In Pain" 7" Ammunition Rec. Great SoCal hardcore in the Ammunition Records tradition.
  • In Crowd "Helmet b/w Cargo" 7" GVN Records. Great Descendants style pop punk.
  • In Crowd/Sacred Monkeys Of Bali split 7" GVN Rec. More melodic pop punk.
  • In Defence "One-Sided" 7" Give Praise Rec. Metal influenced grindcore.
  • In The Shit "The Fall Of The Damned" 6 song 7" Inflammable Material UK. Old school hardcore from the UK.
  • Inflatable Dates/Riddiculum split 7" Noxious Release Rec. Hardcore punk. Not too PC but good.
  • Initial Detonation "Mary Kay Commandos" 4 song 7" SUM Rec. Brutal Thrash from the Mid-west.
  • Insult "Vita Quotidiana" 6 song 7" Angry Rec. Italy. The Insult from Italy play fast and rough political punk.
  • Insult/BSE split 7" Balowski/Roy Meijenen Holland. The Insult from The Netherlands. BSE rock like DRI.
  • Insult/Ruido split 7" Know Rec. Brutal. Boston thrashcore vs. LA's answer to Los Crudos.
  • Intense Youth! "Self Destruct" Behold the Youthquake Rec. Intense political hardcore.
  • Iron Butter/Rot split 7" Haunted Hotel Rec. Brazil's grind masters vs. New York noisefreaks.
  • Irritate "Driven" 7" Agromosh Rec. Great hc from Finland.
  • J Church "She Never Leaves The Neighborhood" 7" Dead Beat Rec. An earlier release ('97) by this BIG band.
  • Jesus Lizard "Fly On The Wall b/w White Hole" 7" TouchandGo. Insane Chicago punk.
  • John Holmes/Canvas split 7" Flat Earth UK. Blistering hardcore from the UK. John Holmes are ex-Health Hazard.

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