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Most 7"s are $4ppd USA/$7ppd World unless another price is indicated which may be the case for double sets or imports.
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  • Katastrophobia "homo morticians" 7" Morning Star Rec. Hardcore political punk from Belgium. Awesome packaging. $4ppd USA
  • Killed In Action "Self Abuse" 7" Give Praise Rec. More powerviolence/thrashcore.
  • Killer Clown "Brand New Shit" 5 song 7" Noncene Rec. Italy. Garagey punk from Italy.
  • Kontraattaque "Soldado Tu Eres Pobre" 7" Subversive Rhymes Rec. East LAs political punk and grind outfit is back with another brutal release.
  • Kontraattaque/Migra Violenta split 7" Subversive Rec. Great hardcore in Spanish from LA and Argentina.
  • Korova "If There Is A Future" 7" Victimized Rec. Raw Alabama H/C ala early Blast.
  • Kuru "Breed" 7" Inflammable Material UK. Brutal hardcore from the UK.
  • The LaDonnas "Pick Up Your Soul" 7" Junk Rec. Not the girl band...this is the killer punk rawk band.
  • Lame "Empty" 3 song 7" Ska Punk from Florida.
  • Legion Of Doom "A Planet On Its Knees" 7" Crimes Against Humanity Rec. Hardcore political punk in the vein of any Profane band.
  • Legitime Defonce "Ennemi Public No.1" 4 song 7" Panx France. Great French punk.
  • Lickity Split/The Sharpshooters split 7" Scene Police Germany. Two D.C. bands covering the MOD band, The High Numbers (pre-Who). Sharpshooters feature Dave from Dag Nasty/Down By Law. Lickity Split is ex-Avail, Suspects.
  • Living Under Lies s/t 7" Primary Thoughts. Ex-Talk Is Poison. Tuned down hardcore from Oregon.
  • Load "Lumberjack Death Luge" 3 song 7" House O Pain. Grinding manic hardcore.
  • The Louts "Raleigh's Finest" 5 song 7" Murder & Mayhem Rec. East Coast hardcore Oi!
  • Melee "One Way Dead End" 7" Lengua Armada. Boston hardcore punks.
  • M Blanket "Safety" 4 song 7" Slow To Burn Records Canada. Melodic punk.
  • M Blanket "Seen It Coming" 5 song 7" Slow To Burn.
  • The Manges/Raggity Anne split 7" Speedowax Rec. Italy Upbeat '78 style punk by both bands.
  • Mad Minority "Vacuum" 7" Operation Mindfuck Rec. Germany. Late 80's-style hardcore with cool breaks.
  • Manuel Seven "The Shattering" 7" Profane Existence Rec.
  • Marilyn's Vitamins "Meanwhile During the Class War" 4 song 7" Ugly Pop Rec. Protest punk with a sing-a-long pogo beat. Dropkick Murphys meets Blanks 77?
  • Mass Separation "Tak Mau Lagi" 7" Agromosh Rec. Malaysian hardcore.
  • Misanthropic "Open Up and Take Your Bullet" 7" Catchphraze Rec. Antischism meets Assuck with f/m vocals.
  • Miskatonic University "Cowhill House" 4 song 7". Mele Marce Italy. NYHC style. Good stuff.
  • Mary Crashed The Party "Tossicita' Legate" 5 song 7" Paolo Pelizzoli Italy. Hardcore punk.
  • Jim McCray "Broadcast From Hell" 4 song 7" Giant Robot Rec. Crazy alterno-indie shit from ex-Shlumpf singer.
  • The Medveds "My Mom Smoked My Stash" 4 song 7" Fan Attic Rec. Quirky pop punk from MA.
  • The Medveds "Bad Nipple From The Sun" 5 song 7" Fan Attic Rec. Funny stuff from these punkers.
  • Mesrine "Shoot To Death" 7" Agromosh Rec. Brutal hardcore
  • Miriamplace "Lazybone"6 song 7" Enjoy This Rec. Italy. Fat-style melodic punk.
  • Morbid Organs Mutilation "War" 7" Rodel Rec. Germany. Japanese noisy grindcore.
  • Moxa s/t 4 song 7" Amendment Rec. Fugazi-esque punk.
  • Murder Suicide Pact "Lobotomy Kit" 7" Burrito Rec. Raging Hardcore
  • My 3 Scum "Food, Folks and Guns" 4 song 7" Smog Veil Records. Crossover GBH sounding thrash.
  • Narcosis/Morose split 7" Death Still Rec. Brutal grindcore the UK. $4ppd USA
  • Narsaak "Vatra" 7" Per Koro Germany. Brutal h/c from Germany.
  • Neon Maniacs/Cranked Up split 7" Punk N Vomit Rec. Classic 70's style punk.
  • Nervous Tension "Under Siege" 4 song 7" Fight 45 Rec. France. Political hardcore punk from the UK.
  • New Granada s/t 7" Lengua Armada. Hardcore from Chicago!!
  • Nervous Tension "Patriotic Shit" 5 song 7" Data Records UK. More Subhumans style punk from England.
  • 9 Shocks Terror "Mobile Terror Unit" 4 song 7" Havoc Rec. Intense thrash from the U.S. with a Japanese feel.
  • No Less/Agents of Satan split 7" Bad People/Riotous Assembly Rec. GRIND it UP!
  • No One's Hero 7" Mother Box Rec. NY hardcore. Kind of like old Helmet.
  • Nobody's Heroes "Kill Tomorrow" 4 song 7" Fan Attic Rec. East Coast punk rock.
  • NOJSBOJS s/t 15 song 7" Panx France. Brutal noise from Sweden.
  • N.O.Y.F.B. "Skirts Raised & Asses Hazed" 7" Agromosh Rec. None of Your Fucking Business' funniest release yet. More noise.
  • Nothing More "The Vice" 3 song 7" Panx France. Melodic pop punk.
  • Obnoxious Race "Money" 4 song 7" Tobacco Shit Rec. Political h/c with male/female vocals.
  • Ohuzaru "Anyone Can Trick You" 7" Sly Actions Rec. Italy. Fastcore from Italy.
  • 175 Grams "s/t" 7" Rodent Popsicle Rec. Political anarcho punk from Mass.
  • 100,000 Body Bags "Last Of The New Wave" 7" Weird Rec. UK . Early SoCal style surf punk ala Agent Orange.
  • Out Cold"No Eye Contact" 7" Kangaroo Netherlands. Another great punk rock 7" from Boston's Out Cold.
  • Overflow "The Worm" 4 song 7" Goodwill Rec. Melodic punk rock from Croatia.

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