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  • The Pacmen "Ready!" 7" Red Tape Records. Ex-Pist. Punk from New England.
  • Path of Destruction "1 a.m." 7" Havoc Rec. Brutal hardcore.
  • Perdedores "Viva For Fun!" 5 song 7" Faca Discos Brazil. Hardcore political punk from Brazil. Lyrics in Portugese.
  • PHP "Incompletodisordine" 7" Goodwill Rec. Italy. - Tough guy melodic hardcore from Italy.
  • Pissed Mouthy Trollops "Hazard!" 4 song 7" Weird Rec UK. Female vocals and really pissed off. Kind of like Vice Squad.
  • Point Of View "grey" 3 song 7" Mele Marce Rec. Italy. Melodic Fat/Epitaph style punk from Italy.
  • Positive State/The Twenty Two's 4 song split 7" Submit Rec. Great political split
  • Positive State/Majority Rule split 7" Submit Rec. Noisy Born Against style punk
  • Prehumanblasphemy 9 song 7" Denied A Custom Rec. Japan. Brutal h/c from SoCal.
  • Pressurehead "bad hype ep" 3 song 7" Round Flat Rec. East Coast punk by now defunct band.
  • Primitiv Bunko "Une Seule Loi" 5 song 7" Early 80's GBH style punk from France.
  • The Process "Fifty Foot Jesus" 4 song 7" Zodiac Rec. Hardcore punk from NoCal.
  • Product "Dedication" 7" Green Rec. Youth Crew hardcore from Italia!
  • Protesti "8 Track EP" 7" Havoc Records. Finnish h/c. Originally released in '83 as a demo.
  • Psycho 13 "I Bury The Living" 7" Murder & Mayhem Rec. Old school horror punk ala Misfits.
  • Pud "Benchwarmer" 3 song 7" Slow To Burn Rec. Canada. Melodic emo punk from Canada.
  • Pullmanx "..niento da perdere" 6 song 7" dischi storti Italy. Great Italian Political Hardcore.
  • PUS "A Life In Fear" 7 song 7" Know. Political crust ala Doom meets Subhumans from the UK.
  • PUS/OMOBNA split Know. PUS vs. On My Own But Not Alone's brand of Crass-like punk.
  • Purgatoria/Grot split 7" Agitate 96 Rec. Brutal grind from LA and the UK.
  • Purgative Klyster/Vol. 4 split 7" Agromosh Rec. Brutal grind.
  • The Putdowns "National Band Of Texas" 4 song 7" Turkey Baster Rec. Raw poppy garage by this band featuring ex-Motards members.
  • Pyuria "I'll Eat Your Brain" 6 song 7" Diabloarchy Rec. Brutal grindcore from Canada.
  • Race Against Time "Depths of the Antbed" 7" Burrito Rec. Old school hardcore punks!.
  • Ramraid/Zero Zero Seat split 7" Chaotic Thought Australia. Angry Aussie crust-core vs. Japanese hardcore.
  • Rancid Hell Spawn "Gastro Boy" 4 song 7" Wrench UK. Furious industrial noise.
  • Rancid Hell Spawn "Teenage Lard" 4 song 7" Wrench UK More noise.
  • Rancid Hell Spawn/The Fells split 7" Toxic Shock Uk noise vs. Arizona noisy garage.
  • Rash Of Beatings s/t 10 song 7" Sensual Underground Min. Rec. Brutal powerviolence. Hardcore mayhem!!
  • RC5 "Comin' My Way" 7" Junk Rec. More turbo charged punk rock
  • Reality "..Loser?" 5 song 7" Havin A Spazz Rec. Itlay. Hardcore ala Ignite.
  • The Reducers "We Are The People" 3 song 7" Pair-O-Docs Rec. Great street punk!
  • Reject The Limit "Do You Have A Heart" 5 song 7" Rebellion Rec. Germany. Old school You Crew hardcore.
  • Remain "Die Alone" 4 song 7" Ammunition Rec. Pre- Parades End. Straight Edge from SoCal.
  • Rear Admiral "Chin Music" 4 song 7" Ahoy Rec. Straight up bar punk from NJ.
  • Regurgitation "Rajoitus" 8 song 7" Sludge Rec. France. Hardcore brutality from France.
  • Rhythm Collision "Too Long" 7" Dr. Strange Rec. Melodic SoCal punk.
  • Right In Sight/Heartside split 7" Shove Rec. Italy. Positive Hardcore.
  • Riistetyt "Tervetuloa Kuolema" 7" Havoc Rec. Heavy driving hardcore from Finnish band from the early 80's. New stuff.
  • Riisteterror "Taabajara Hardcore" 7" Hardcore Holocaust. Sick Terror meets Riistetyt
  • Ringworm "7 inches the hard Way" 5 song 7" Rat Town Rec. Good hardcore punk from Florida.
  • Rocket From The Crypt "Rocket Dancing Birds" 7" Glazed Records. San Diego's RFTC prove once again why they are the pioneers of the San Diego sound.
  • Rot/Iron Butter split 7" Haunted Hotel Rec. Brazil's grind masters vs. New York noisefreaks.

  • Ruido/Nailed Downr split 5" Power It Up Rec. Germany. Brutal hardcore from Australia and LA.
  • Ruido "Live at KXLU" 7" Power It Up Rec. Tight killer set by the LA thrashcore legends
  • Ruido/Fuck On The Beach split 7" Know.
  • Rupture "Freudsteins House" 6 song 7" RSR Rec Germany. raw fast n loud punk from Australia.
  • Saboteur A Never Ending Bore 7" Haunted Hotel Rec. Raging tight FAST hardcore. .
  • Salted Wounds "National Buyproducts" 7" Less Art Rec. Reminds me of hardcore from the "Pain of Mind" era of Neurosis.
  • Sam's Laff/The Stand split 7" Last Dollar Rec. Old school politics and punk from LBC's Sam's Laff. The Stand are from San Diego.
  • Sanity Assassins "Ligature b/w Vampires" 7" Dagger Rec. Spy punk from Ct.
  • Sarcasm "Brave New World" 7 song 7" Chaos Extraordinaire France. UK political hardcore crust.
  • Scarred "Who Do You Trust" 7" Skit Records. Crustcore from the Northeast.
  • Scarred For Life "Far From Home" 7" Know Records. Ex-Glycine Max, Dogma Mundista, Pig Children & Bonecrusher....crustie.
  • Scarred For Life "Is This The Price of Freedom?" 7". The newest release. More straight ahead dis-hardcore punk
  • Scattered Fall "For All I've Lost" 7" Deadpan Rec. Hardcore punks from Stockton, CA.
  • Scum Noise/Victims of Greed split 7" FFT Japan. Political hardcore crust from Japan and Brazil. $4ppd N.America/$6ppd World
  • Security Threat/Skrack split 7" Bad People Rec. Great d-beat thrash'n'grind.
  • Shiner "Slightly Polished" 4 song 7" Slow To Burn Rec. Hardcore punk from Canada.
  • Secret Agent "No Winners No Losers b/w Unwilling" 7" Skull Geek Canada. Kind of like early Superchunk.
  • Section One "Big Pete Takes Us For A Ride" 4 song 7" Infect Rec. Hardcore punk from the NorthWest.
  • Seed'n'Feed "Welch" 4 song 7" Point Break Italy.
  • Shoot The Hostages "Shoot First Live Free" 4 song 7" 12 Step Rec. Sludgy heavy hardore from Mass. Features Bill of Toxic Narcotic.
  • Shoutbus 's/t" 6 song 7" Torque Rec. DC punk.
  • The Shining "A song for the Rest of the World" 5 song 7" UPS/Pick Up Records. Great hardcore from the Netherlands.
  • Savage Malignant "Lucky 7" 5 song 7" Wrench Rec. Surf garage noise from the UK.
  • Skeletor "In Action" 7" Communications Media Sweden. Old school punk ala Misfits meets Dr Know. Picture disc.
  • Skrupel s/t 6 song 7" Insane thrash like Dropdead from Germany.
  • Skrupel/Brutal Death slit 7" RSR Rec. Brutal hardcore release.
  • Skrupel/Stalker split 7" Thought Crime Rec. Germany. Breakneck hardcore from both bands
  • Skrupel "No Lie" 8 song 7"Thought Crime Rec. Germany. Brutal fast harcore!
  • Skulls "Life Ain't So Pretty" 7" Headline Rec. Ultra-limited to 500 copies. This is new recordings by LA's legendary '77 punk band. Comes with a button and a 36 page booklet filled with old flyers and the story of the Skulls written by Billy Bones. $10ppd in the U.S.
  • Skulls "Gold And Ruby Red" 7" Headline Rec. Limited to 1000 copies. More classic LA punk. $4ppd in the U.S.
  • Sloth/Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardaamanx split 7" Thrash Bot Rec. Messy thrash.
  • So Far No Good/Urine Luck split 7" Buy My Rec. Ska punk vs. Oi Street punk from Florida
  • SMD "King Of Drunk" 8 song 7" Beer City. This is some serious SoCal hardcore thrash!
  • Spazm 151 "Power Songs For The Kids" 6 song 7" Havoc Rec. REALLY fast hardcore punk from Texas.
  • Spiffy "Didn't Know" 7" Junk Rec. Melodic SoCal punk featuring Tony (Descendents) and Joel (All Day).
  • Spitting Teeth "Don't Believe The Hype" 7" Havoc Rec. Fast energetic hardcore. The way it's supposed to be.
  • Splurge "Tales From The Me Generation" 4 song 7" Traffic Violation Rec. Good melodic punk from NY.
  • The Spudmonsters "s/t" song7" Smog Veil Rec. Crossover like mid period DRI or MOD.
  • Squat "..And Stuff Like That" 4 song 7" Shapunk Rec. Great all-female punk from the Bay Area. Squat is on NRA now.
  • Stack/Narsaak split 7" Per Koro Germany. An essential release for fans of these two crushing h/c bands.
  • State Control "Sinds Waneer Heb Jij Sjek?" 7" Kroket Rec. Netherlands. Electro-noise fast thrash. Think Melt Banana.
  • Steve McQueens "Mission To Rock" 3 song 7" Wrench Rec. Great garage from Germany.
  • Stenmark s/t 4 song 7" Badman Rec. Killer punch you in the face hardcore from the Czech Republic.
  • Striped Bastards "Lessons Learned" 5 song 7" Motherbox Rec. Melodic h/c punk ala Gameface or Rhythmn Collision.
  • Strong Intention "Make Up Your Mind" 7 song 7" Crucial Blast Rec. Fast early 80's style hardcore ala Negative Approach. Good.
  • Stuntplasticpark "My Bottom" 6 son 7" Havin A Spazz. Italy. Italian punk.
  • Subsanity "Human Is Shit" 6 song 7" SUM Rec. Insane violent thrash.
  • Substandard "Consuming Need....Consuming Greed" 4 song 7" Inflammable Material UK. Nice blend of politics and h/c punk.
  • System Shit "Kill That Fucker" 7" Tobbaco Shit Rec. Political crust from Canada.
  • Systral "maximum entertainment" 6-7 song 7" Per Koro Germany. Brutal hardcore. Great recording.
  • Tampere SS "Kuollutt & Kuopatti" 7" Havoc. 83 re-issue of the classic Finnish band.
  • Terrorain "1988 demo" 7" Burrito Rec. Old school hardcore punk
  • This Side Up/White Frogs split 7" Goodwill Rec. Italy. Brazil vs. Italy hardcore punks.
  • Thretning Verse "Time For War" 7" Puke N Vomit Rec. Great hardcore punk from LA.
  • Trendy Bastard split 7" Agromosh Rec. HC split with veterans from the Flipside crew.
  • Tres Kids/Quadialacha split 7" No Rec. 3 Kids= fast humorous thrashcore. Q= h/c with DRI and Septic Death covers.
  • Tripscope "Stasis" 7" G7 Records. Brutal hardcore from Germany.
  • Toe To Toe "No Gods" 5 song 7" Kangaroo Rec. Great NYC style hardcore from Australia.
  • Torcha Shed "Nihilism On The Prowl" 7" Puke N Vomit Rec. Classic '77 style punk the UK.
  • Totsukegeki Sensya "Change The Future" 7" Lengua Armada Rec. Japanese hardcore the way it was meant to be!
  • Toxic Narcotic/The Unseen split 7" Rodent Popsicle Records. Two of Boston's finest dish out the hardcore punk.

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