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  • Ulcerrhora/Sivilimurha split 7" Vulgar/Hostile Regression Rec. German vs. Finnish hardcore. Yes!
  • The Undead/Times Square split 7" Transparent Records. Both bands feature Bobby Steele (ex-Misfits)
  • Universal "Immense Toilet In Mind" 7 song 7" Scorched Earth Policy Rec Germany. Like a more brutal Born Against.
  • The Upskirts "Radiation Romeos" 7" RocknRoll Blitzkrieg Rec. Raunchy punk rock-n-roll from Sweden.
  • Unholy Grave "Aussie Disorder" double E.P. 7" Agromosh Rec. Japanese grindcore kings with a great set. $8ppd
  • Unholy Grave/Catheter split 7" RFL Rec. Another grindcore classic from Japan and Colorado.
  • Unholy Grave "Fanaticism" 7" Self Produced. Japanese grindcore!!
  • Unholy Grave "Chaotic Raw Madness" 7" Agromosh Rec. 2002 West Coast Tour 7"
  • Unholy Grave/Mitten Spider split 7" Agromosh Rec. Brutal! Unreleased stuff from '97 for Unholy Grave.
  • Unholy Grave/The Index split 7" Death Still Rec. Japan vs. intense hc from Virginia. $4ppd USA
  • Unholy Grave/Terrorism split 7" Morbid Reality Rec. More intense grind from Japan vs. LA hardcore kings Terrrorism.
  • Unholy Grave "The Unreleased" 7" Nuclear BBQ Rec. Japanese grind legends newest release.
  • Unit "Giai Phong" 7" Whisper In Darkness Rec. Hardcore with keyboards from Japan.
  • Urban DK "Will We Survive?" 7" Will E. Survive Rec. Hardcore punks from Illinois.
  • Urine Luck/So Far No Good split 7" Buy My Rec. Ska punk vs. Oi Street punk from Florida
  • Urine Specimen "Raw" 7" Catchphraze Rec. Raw Finnish anarchopunk.
  • Urko "Thrash It Up"3 song 7" Inflammable Material Rec. UK. Brutal thrashcore from the UK.
  • USV "Escapist" 7" Havoc Rec. UK. United Super Villains!! Think SSD, Siege and DYS. Fast h/c.
  • V/A "A COUPLE OF MINUTES IS ALL YOU NEED" comp 7" Get Dun Rec. w/Gringo, Arson Family, Degenerates, The Ones You Hate, Doosh Bags, Rated R.
  • V/A "BE QUICK OR BE DEAD" 7" Sly Actions Rec. Italy. An Italian/Swedish fast compilation. Bands: Assel, Sewn Shut, Acursed, Tortuga, Ohuzaru, DIA, Entropia, Torqeumada, Last Security, Left In Ruins.
  • V/A "CASH, GASH & THRASH" comp 7" Agitate 96 w/ B.A.T., P.E.L.M.E., Wadge, Utter Bastard, Fallout.
  • V/A "DARK THOUGHTS"7" Rabid Dog Rec. Corrosion of Conformity tribute with What Happens Next, Municipal Waste, Caustic Christ and Holier Than Thou.
  • V/A "DEADLY ENCOUNTERS Vol. 2" 7" Agitate 96 Rec. Killer comp with Unholy Grave, Cripple Bastards, NOYFB, Final Exit, Armistice, Progeria, Grot, Benumb, Gonkulator, Wadge, etc... $4ppd USA
  • V/A "DISCOVER A WORLD OF SOUNDS" comp 7" Amendment Rec. Bands incl. Brine, Satyr, Suppression, Urban Farmers etc.
  • V/A "DO IT YOURSELF" comp 7" Goodwill Rec. Italy h/c and punk comp with Eversor, This Side Up, NIA Punx, I Fichissimi, Point Of View.
  • V/A "DRUNKS NOT DEAD!" 4 band comp 7" Murder & Mayhem Rec. Oi Streetpunk comp w/The Louts, Die Strohs Acke, The Bad Preachers, Boot Militia.
  • V/A "THE FATTEST BITCH" 6 band/song 7" Fat Bitch Tire Rec. Cool comp with cover that Punks with Presses refused to print. Includes Pachinko, Das Klown, SMD, Headcheck, Goblins & Pigeongoat.
  • V/A "FMDCS" comp 4 band comp 7" Panx France. DDT, Pilgrims, Daddy Burns and Condense.
  • V/A "Fuck You Up And Get High - A Tribute to the DWARVES" comp double 7". A bunch of bands from the Mid-West doing the Dwarves - Unholy Death, The GC5, PA, Crypt 33, etc... 2 7" set. $5ppd N. America/$7ppd World.
  • V/A "HOPE FOR US" 4 band comp 7" Discontent Rec. A compilation of 4 Wisconsin bands - Damitol, Animal Farm, One Day Away, Buried.
  • V/A "NY Catheter Crew" 6 band comp 7" Motherbox Rec. Hardcore comp with Indecision, Kill Your Idols, Judas Iscariot, Milhouse, RPOD & Berzerkers.
  • V/A"OBEY WE HAVE GUNS" 5 band comp 7" Gabe Harper Rec. with Brine, The Cheerleaders, Disarm, Devolve, etc...
  • V/A "OUR SCENE SUCKS" 4 band comp 7" House O Pain Rec. Incl. Teen Idols, Floor, Canibal Holiday and Lethargic.
  • V/A "OUR SCENE STILL SUCKS" 5 band comp 7" HouseOPain. Brown Towel, Situation No Win, The Vibes, Process is Dead, etc.
  • V/A "PAINKILLER VOL 1" 4 band comp 7" Devastating Soundworks. Brutal comp with Corrupted, Disassociate, Cemment and Nerve Rak.
  • V/A "PAINKILLER VOL 2" 4 band comp 7" Devastating Soundworks. The brutality continues with Hellchild, Bongzilla, Vomitus and CST.
  • V/A "RAT TOWN COMP #1" 4 band 7" comp Rat Town Rec. Bands include TJ Hookers, Ringworm, 12 Fl. Oz. and Jug or Not.
  • V/A "RESOLVE" 3 band comp 7" Uprising Rec. Cool comp with Day28, The Deconstruction and Urban Farmers.
  • V/A "7 REPRISES DE 7 SECONDS" comp 7" Weewee Rec. France. Tribute to 7 Seconds with Intensity, endstand, This Side Up, Fake Hyppy, Second Rate & Stranded.
  • V/A "SKULLS" 7" Kangaroo Rec. Killer hardcore comp with Tear It Up, Real Shit, A.V.O., Out Cold, Yawp, Seein Red, Milkman, The Neighbors, Rawhide, Creeping Jesus, Deadstare.
  • V/A "TAKING LIBERTIES" comp 7" Bad Card Rec. Seein' Red, Opstand, Suffer, Unhinged.
  • V/A "THERE'S SOMETHING ROTTEN IN RED LION" comp 7" 2nd Amendment Records. Local bands compilation with Scam, Hellcats, Squire & Armed Citizens.
  • V/A "THIS IS KANGAROO NOT BERKELEY" 12 band comp 7" Kangaroo Rec. Killer hardcore comp with The Despised, Dead Nations, Out Cold, The Neighbors, Breshnev, Kozik, Positive Negative, U.S.V., Real Shit, Klinefelter, The Undisputed World Heavyweight Champions. Trench Coat Army
  • V/A "TRAFFIC VIOLATION" 6 band comp 7" TV Rec. Howards, Striped Bastards, Splurge, The Disenchanted, Kempleton,etc..
  • Vicious Cycle "s/t" 7" Radio 81 Rec. Amazing early 80's influenced hardcore.
  • Victims "Harder Than It Was Meant To Be" 7" Yellow Dog Germany. Straight ahead fast h/c from Sweden.
  • Vietnam Syndrome "Kill In The Blanks" 7" Ding Dong Ditch Rec. h/c punk from Michigan
  • Vilently Ill/Mr. California & the State Police split 7" Proud To Be Idiot Rec. Killer hardcore/grind split.
  • Vitamin X "People That Bleed" 7" Havoc Rec. More hardcore from the Netherlands. Awesome!
  • Volume Four/Coprophagics split 7" Agromosh Rec. Brutal hardcore grind.
  • Voorhees "Fireproof" 7" Chainsaw Safety Rec. Hardcore by the legendary UK band.
  • Warsore "Brutal Reprisal" 7" Pyschotherapy Rec. Brutal noise from Australia.
  • World Burns To Death "No Dawn Comes.." 7" Hardcore Holocaust Rec. Another great hardcore release.
  • The Weaklings "Four More Reasons To Love" 7" Junk Rec. Raw energetic in-your-face punk.
  • The Weaklings "Motorvatin'" 7" Junk Rec. Another killer release by The Weaklings. They do Hanoi Rocks on the A side and The Clash on the B side.
  • X-IT "Wife Sentence" 5 song 7" Micrcosm Rec. All girl punk from Long Beach/San Pedro, CA.
  • You're Fired s/t 7" RSR Rec. Seth's (Anal Cunt) other band.
  • Youth Gone Mad "Guns" 4 song 7" Panx France. Their best snotty stuff in years!
  • Youth Riot"Burn Glendora To The Ground" 7" Captain Wiley Records. SoCal hardcore for fans of Lifes Halt meets Black Flag.
  • Witness Break Away 7" Third Party Rec. SxE from NY.

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