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10"s/LP's/CD's N-Z (includes comps)
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  • Nailbiter "Abused" CD Hardcore Holocaust Rec. $9ppd
  • Nailbiter "Abused" LP Hardcore Holocaust Rec. The vinyl version. $8ppd
  • Nailed Down "Perth Wolfpack" CD Power It Up Rec. Germany $10ppd Aussie Hardcore!
  • Negative Approach "Total Recall" CD Touch and Go Rec. $13ppd
  • Neon Maniacs "Electroshock" CDEP Puke'N'Vomit Rec. SoCal snotty punks in the vein of the Stitches. $6ppd
  • Netjajev SS "s/t" CD Haunted Hotel Rec. Rupture meets Devo hardcore thrash from Sweden. $9ppd
  • Nine Shocks Terror "S/T" CDEP Mad At The World Rec. 5 songs includes region free DVD with live footage. $8ppd.
  • Nine Shocks Terror "Zen And The Art of Beating Your Ass" LP Havoc Rec. Re-release of the classic LP. $9ppd.
  • Nihilist/Dregs of Humanity split LP Brutal grindcore from Australia!!! $8ppd USA
  • Nipper "Psalms Of Purification" 7 song CD. Bad Influence Rec. Germany. Melodic hardcore punk. Includes a great cover of Dag Nasty's "Circles". $8ppd USA
  • NOFX "MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL" CD Mystic. A collection of early tracks that NOFX did while on Mystic Records. $14ppd USA
  • On The Rise "Burning Inside" LP Dead Serious Rec. Germany Hardcore on splatter clear vinyl. $9ppd
  • Opstand s/t LP Bad Card France. Awesome hardcore from Europe. Fast and brutal!! A must for all powerviolence fans. $8ppd
  • Out Cold "Goodbye Cruel World" 14 song CD Acme Rec. The latest by this great hardcore band. $9ppd
  • Out Cold "Goodbye Cruel World" 14 song LP Mad At the World Rec. The vinyl version of this great release. $10ppd
  • Out Cold "Permanent Twilight World" 14 song CD Kangaroo Rec. $10ppd
  • Out Cold "Live In Amsterdam" 28 song CD Kangaroo Rec. Boston's Live and Raw in Europe!. $10ppd
  • Out Cold "Live In Amsterdam" 28 song LP Kangaroo Rec. Boston's Live and Raw in Europe!. $8ppd
  • Out Cold "Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One" 14 song CD Kangaroo Rec. Fast hardcore punk from Boston's finest. $10ppd
  • Out Cold "Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One" 14 song LP Kangaroo Rec. Fast hardcore punk from Boston's finest. $8ppd
  • Out Cold "Warped Sense Of Right And Wrong" 13 song CD Straight up fast hardcore punk. Kangaroo Rec. $10ppd
  • Out Cold "Will Attack If Provoked" CD Kangaroo Rec. Wow! Killer fast hardcore we've come to expect from this Boston punk outfit. $12ppd
  • Out Cold "Will Attack If Provoked" LP Kangaroo Rec. Wow! Killer fast hardcore we've come to expect from this Boston punk outfit. $9ppd
  • Outcry "8 song LP" Don't Belong Rec. Spain. Old school hardcore. $9ppd
  • Outcry "8 song CD" Don't Belong Rec. Spain. $11ppd
  • Peter And The Test Tube Babies "Test Tube Trash" CD Dr. Strange Rec. The classic Peter & The Test Tube Babies series finally on CD...$10ppd
  • Peter And The Test Tube Babies "The Loud Blaring Punk Rock CD" CDDr. Strange Rec. $10ppd
  • Peter And The Test Tube Babies "The Mating Sounds Of South American Frogs" CD Dr. Strange Rec. $10ppd
  • Peter And The Test Tube Babies "Journey To The Centre of Johnny Clarkes Head" Dr. Strange Rec. $10ppd
  • Peter And The Test Tube Babies "Supermodels" CD $10ppd USA
  • Phantom Limbs "Random Hyms" 5 song 12" Hungry Eye Rec. Slick hardcore by some guys from bigger bands. $8ppd
  • Palefire "Last Breath" 5 song CDEP Ammunition Rec. SoCal melodic hardcore with female vocals. $6ppd
  • Phobia/Resist and Exist "We Ruin Fun" LP Profane Existence Rec. Great release. $9ppd.
  • Pink Turds in Space "The Complete.." 38 song CD Rejected Rec. Ireland. Fuckin' awesome spastic noisy Slap-A-Ham style hardcore. $10ppd
  • Proclamation "Let The Truth Be Told" 41 song song CD Life Sentence Rec. Fast SxE hardcore East Coast style very much in the vein of all the great NYC hardcore bands. $10ppd
  • Portrait Of Poverty s/t 12 song LP Infect Rec. Great hardcore punk from Washington. These guys are always touring so check em out! $7ppd
  • Positive State s/t CD Torque Rec. Great Spastic Manic Hardcore. $10ppd
  • Powerball "Frozen Sun" CD Rat Town Records. Florida new school hardcore. $10ppd
  • Powerball "Opposing Furies" CD Rat Town Records. More hardcore from Florida. $10ppd
  • Product "Nothing Has Changed: LP Head On Records Italy. Great SXE hardcore from this Italian band. $9ppd
  • Provoked "Infant In The Womb of Warfare" LP Profane Existence. Raging anarcho-thrash!. $8ppd
  • Rancid Hell Spawn "Axe Hero" 22 song CD Wrench Rec England. Noisy noise by these UK legends. $8ppd
  • Raw Power "Reptile House" CD Toxic Shock Rec. Great release by the Italian kings of hardcore. $11ppd
  • Raw Power "Screams From The Gutter After Your Brain" CD Toxic Shock Rec. Two classic LP's on one cd by this legendary Italian hardcore band $11ppd
  • Remain "Die Alone" 7 song CDEP Ammunition Rec. SxE harcore from SoCal. $6ppd
  • Refuse The Statement/Sarin split CD Struggle Inside Rec. Germany SxE youth crew vs. Born Against style raging h/c. $8ppd
  • Religious Wars "Cracked System" LP Hardcore Holocaust/Mind Control Rec. $9ppd
  • Remission "Ninety-Five to Ninety Eight" LP Dead Beat Rec. Awesome politics and punk. 24 songs in all. $8ppd
  • Riot/Clone "Do You Want Fries With That?" LP Tribal War. The latest from these UK anarcho political punks. $8ppd
  • Rhythmn Collision "Clobberer" 12 song LP Dr. Strang Rec. Fast melodic SoCal punk rock. $7ppd
  • Rhythm Collision "Collision Course" 19 song CD Dr. Strange Rec. Great SoCal punk. Includes the "Cheers" theme and a cover of "She Drives Me Crazy" $10ppd
  • Ringworm "Last Call In The Free World" 14 song CD Rat Town Rec. Killer hardcore from Florida. $10ppd
  • R.K.L. "Keep Laughing" CD Mystic. The best of the Rick Kids on L.S.D. Nardcore at it's finest. $14ppd
  • Robert Blake/Erik Petersen split LP Art of the Underground Rec. Political Folk punks from Philadelphia& Bellingham. $8ppd.
  • Rudimentary Peni "Archaic" 10" EP Outer Himalayan Rec. UK. $10ppd
  • Rudimentary Peni "E.P's of R.P." LP Corpus Christi Rec. UK. $12ppd
  • Ruido "s/t" LP Know Rec. All the old stuff from back in the day. $9ppd
  • Runnin' Riot "Monk's Not Dead" CD Rejected Ireland. Killer street punks from Ireland. Murphy's meets Cocksparrer? $12.00 ppd
  • Rupture/Stanley Knife/The Blurters 3-way split CD Snapshot Rec Australia. Crazy anti-PC thrash from Australia. $8ppd
  • S. Process s/t 16 song LP Track Star Rec. Emoesque h/c from the East Coast. $7ppd
  • Safety Pins "Invite Us To Your Funeral 13 song LP Dead Beat Rec. Snotty '77 style punk from Spain. $7ppd
  • Sawn Off "The Album" 26 song LP MacGyver Rec. Killer hardcore punk. Great! $8ppd
  • Severed Head of State "Anathema Device" CD Hardcore Holocaust Rec. $10ppd
  • Severed Head of State "Anathema Device" LP Hardcore Holocaust Rec. $9ppd
  • Scarrred For Life "Born Work Die" 11 song CD Know Rec. Great Varukers/Discharge style punk from veterans of Glycine Max, Dogma Mundista, Bonecrusher, Pig Children. $10ppd
  • Scarrred For Life "Born Work Die" 11 song LP Know Rec. Great Varukers/Discharge style punk from veterans of Glycine Max, Dogma Mundista, Bonecrusher, Pig Children. $8ppd
  • Schifosi "Half Lit World & Ill Winds From Utopia" CD Broken Rain Australia. The EP and LP on CD by this hardcore band from down under. Screaming, anguish, emo-core? $9ppd
  • Scream "Live At The Black Cat" 20 song CD Torque Rec. Awesome reunion show by these DC legends. Recorded 12-28-96. Members of Wool, Suspects, Foo Fighters, etc. $10ppd
  • Sea of Deprevation "Catharsis in Disharmony" LP Catchphraze Rec. Carcass meets Dystopia. features ex-members of Misanthropic. $9ppd
  • Secret Hate "Pop Cult Vomit" CD Skunk Rec. The comeback record by these Long Beach legends. $12ppd
  • Seed'N'Feed "Here We Go" 11 song CD Point Break Rec. Italy. RKL style melodic hardcore punk from Italy. $10ppd
  • See You in Hell "Unet Se Prodat" LP Insane Society Rec. Fastcore from the Czech Republic. Very 625ish!! $10ppd
  • Sick Of It All "Still Clobberin' Time" 19 songs CD Rec. Great soundboard recording from a 1998 show at the Globe in New Zealand. $14ppd
  • Skeletal Earth "Eulogy For The Dying" LP Foundation 2000 Holland. Full metal thrash from 1990. $7ppd N.America
  • Skarp "Bury Your Dead" LP Autodafe Rec. Blistering political hardcore punk from Washington! $8ppd
  • Skankin' Pickle "The Green Album" LP Dr. Strange Rec. $9ppd
  • The Skulls "The Golden Age of Therapy" CD Dr. Strange. The latest release...more sing-a-long punk anthems. $10ppd
  • The Skulls "Therapy For The Shy" CD Dr. Strange. Awesome release by this classic '77 LA band. $10ppd
  • Slapstick "s/t" 25 song cd Asian Man Rec. Ska punk $8ppd
  • Smut Peddlers "10 Inch" 10" Dead Beat Rec. Great SoCal punk! $8ppd
  • Sniffing Glue "Omni Feaces" Helen of Oi Rec. Great oi street punk! $10ppd
  • Sniffing Glue "Is This Romantic" Helen of Oi Rec. $10ppd
  • State Of Fear "Discography" CD Profane Existence Rec. The complete vinyl discography. $9ppd
  • State Of Fear "Discography" LP Profane Existence Rec. The complete vinyl discography. $8ppd
  • Static 84 "Inner World" 8 song CD Bad Inluence Rec. Germany. The name says it all. Old School hardcore. $8ppd
  • Statues "New People Make Us Nervous" LP Great straight up 70's style punk rock. Silk screened cover. Limited to 400 copies. $10ppd
  • Stiletto Boys "Rockets And Bombs" CD High Society Rec. Germany. Straight up Vibrators meets Saints catchy '77 style sing-a-long punk. $10ppd
  • Strutter "Motherfuckers From The Bowels Of Hell" 10" Safety Pin Rec. Spain. Raunchy punk rock-n-roll with songs about women and drugs. $8ppd
  • Stomach/Steeky 8 song split CDEP Rejected Ireland. Great straight ahead punk by these two Irish bands. $6ppd
  • Subhumans "EP LP" LP Bluurg Rec. UK. Four 7"s on one 12"! Includes the "Demolition War", "Reason For Existence", "Religious Wars" & "Evolution" Ep's. $10ppd
  • Subhumans "From The Cradle To The Grave" LP Bluurg Rec. UK. Another essential release by Dick and the boys. $10ppd
  • Systral "Fever...The Maximum Carnage" CD Per Koro Germany. Breakneck hardcore. Includes stuff from their 7"s plus a Motorhead cover. $10ppd
  • The Suspects "New Dawn.." 13 song CD Torque Rec. DC Punk! $10ppd
  • The Suspects "Voice Of America" 14 song CD Torque Rec. Re-issue of the first Suspects full length along with their now out of print 7". $10ppd
  • Swarrrm "Extreme Brutal 7Trax" 7 song CD Goddoorrecord Japan. Fast and furious hardcore grind. Mix A.C. vocals with breakneck German style h/c. $8ppd
  • Tagada Jones s/t 7 song cdep France. French crossover h/c $7ppd
  • Tagada Jones "Plus de Bruit" 13 song CD Barket's Rec France. Great heavy production. Kind of like "Crossover" era DRI. $10ppd
  • Teenage Knockouts "Japanese Murdercycles, Guitars and Guns" 10" Dead Beat Rec. Punk rock-n-roll from the Mid-West. $7ppd .
  • Texas Thieves "Killer On Craigs List" CD Dr. Strange Rec. Sounds like an old 80's band but is a new band. $10ppd
  • This Side Up “Caught By Suprise” CD - Goodwill Rec. Italy. - Straight ahead 80’s style old school hardcore from Italy. $10ppd
  • Toxic Narcotic "89-99" CD Rodent Popsicle Records. The complete collection from 7"s, comps, etc.. $9ppd
  • Toxic Narcotic "89-99" LP Rodent Popsicle Records. The complete collection by this killer anarcho punk band from the New England. $9ppd
  • Tresore "Unfold" 8 song CD Daybreak Rec. Belgium. Brutal Crawlspace-type hardcore. Fans of Enewetak and Dystopia should like this. $10ppd
  • T.S.O.L. "Dance With Me" LP Frontier Rec. The classic release by these SoCal punk legends...includes "Code Blue" $10ppd.
  • TV Killers "Playin' Bad Music Since '92" CD Dead Beat Rec. Pure raunch-n-roll. $10ppd
  • TV Killers "Playin' Bad Music Since '92" LP Dead Beat Rec. $8ppd
  • Uncontrolled "You Say Moderation, I Scream Prohibition" CDEP Life Sentence Rec. Straight edge hardcore. $6ppd
  • Unholy Grave "Revoltage" LP Agromosh Rec. Awesome grindcore on colored vinyl. $10ppd
  • The Unknown Assassins "Filthy Dirty.." 7 song CDEP. Crazy deranged songs about killing and sex. $5ppd
  • Unit Pride "Then And Now" CD Mankind Rec. Classic SoCal harcore from the 80's with members of Nerve Agents and Redemption 87. $10ppd
  • Unit Pride "Then And Now" LP Mankind Rec. Classic SoCal harcore from the 80's with members of Nerve Agents and Redemption 87. $9ppd
  • United Super Villains "Choke Slammed Back To Life" LP Deranged Rec. Canada. Another killer hardcore release by one of the best bands to come out of the Mid-West. $9ppd
  • UK SUBS "Live In The Warzone" CD Rejected Ireland. Late 90's recording of this legendary punk band. $12.00ppd
  • Vox D'Accion "Una Di Quelle Volte" 13 song CD SNF Rec. Italy. Punk/ska from Italy. $9ppd
  • V/A "Absence of Sanity" Rat Town Records Comp 2. Hardcore/punk compilation with South Eastern bands like Harsh, Powerball, Load, Reeb, Hawg Jaw, Weedeater, etc.. $8ppd
  • V/A "Abscess Operandi" 18 band comp LP Aborted Society Records. A punk/grind comp with Riot/Clone, Axion, Toxic Narcotic, Clusterfux, Whorehouse Of Representatives, Contaminated, The Stressed, etc... $8ppd.
  • V/A "All Power To The People, Not The State" 23 band comp CD w Mark Bruback, Former Members of Alfonsin, OMOBNA, UXA, Naked Aggression, Gasp, I-Spy, Subimission Hold, Citizen Fish, Good Riddance, Litmus Green, Parades End, Retail Price, Malefunction, Global Holocaust, etc... $10ppd.
  • V/A "AMERICAN FIGHT CLUB" 4 band comp CD Outsider Rec. 4 way split with The Authority!, Callaghan, Hudson Falcons and The Trends. 28 song in all. $11ppd
  • V/A "AFTERMATH" CD Profane Existence. Great benefit release with Abuso Sonoro, Armistice, Doom, Cress, Calloused, Sin Dios, Acursed, Legion of Doom, Brother Inferior, Axiom, Diskonto, Riot/Clone, Dir Yassin, Whorehouse of Representatives, etc.. ! $9ppd USA
  • V/A "Bad Generation" 28 band comp CD Point Break Italy. Killer comp with All Day, Rhthym Collision doing Devo, Feds, Freeze, Splurge, Das Klown, Drain Bramaged, riotgun, etc... $5ppd
  • V/A "BARRICADED SUSPECTS" CD Dr. Strange. Great comp of classic hardcore bands like Decry, Septic Death, Abscess, Kilroy, Mad Parade, etc. $10ppd
  • V/A "Bite The Bullet" 27band/33song CD. Know. Killer sampler with tracks from UK Subs, JFA, Le Shok, Electric Frankenstein, All Day, Insult, Raw Power, Kill Your Idols, Ciril, Lifes Halt, etc... $5ppd
  • V/A "CAPITAL RADIO" 20 band comp CD Capital Radio Rec. Great collection of bands from the D.C. radio show. UK Subs, Swingin' Utters, Arson Family, Battery, OS101, Hot Water Music, Showcase Showdown, Automatic 7, Kid Dynamite, Pietasters, The Spoilers, etc... $10ppd
  • V/A "CAPITOLE HARDCORE" 30 song/band compilation CD Panx France. Great comp from Toulouse, France. Bands include Legitime Defonce, Greedy Guts, Anarcotik, Undo, Les Polls, Dead Line, Massacration, Sad Clown, She Hybrid, Lithium 694....etc. Comes with a giant booklet. $9ppd
  • V/A "COMMON LIFE Vol. 2" Pissed HC/Thrash comp LP with Choice of My Own, LxExAxRxNx, George Harrison, Third Death, Low Vision, SMD, FxPxOx, Captain America & Duck Stab. $12ppd
  • V/A "Dropping Food On Their Heads Is Not Enough" CD Geykido Comet Rec. - 32 bands get together for a benefit for the women of Afghanistan. Includes Jello Biafra, Chumbawamba, Ciril, Anti-Flag, Pistol Grip, Armistice, The Fleshies, The Thumbs, Co-Ed, Youth Brigade, Bouncing Souls, etc... $8ppd USA
  • V/A "Drunk On Rock Vol. 1" 26 band comp CD 1-94 Rec. The Hookers, Electric Frankenstein, Nashville Pussy, Weaklings, Candy Snatchers, etc... $10ppd
  • V/A "HARDCORE TRUE OR FALSE?" 41 song comp CD Kangaroo Rec. Great h/c punk compilation with Out Cold, Das Klown, Brother Inferior, Insult, The Neighbors, Drain Bramaged, The Process, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Portrait Of Poverty, etc...$5ppd
  • V/A "HEADS WILL ROLL" 28 band comp CD Sonic Tone Rec. Rad rockin' punk comp with Nashville Pussy, Gluecifer, Pushers, Bobbyteens, Weaklings, Zeke, Texas Terri, etc.. $10ppd
  • V/A "He's No Good To Me Dead" comp CD Game Two Rec. 74 Minutes of Extreme Pain w/Negative Reaction, Grief, Subsanity, Bongzilla, Sour Vein. $10ppd
  • V/A "IRON COLUMNS" Double LP Mind Control Rec. Anti-Product, Defiance, Cress, Armistice, Los Crudos, Disclose, Brother Inferior, Extinction of Mankind, DDI, Forca Macabra, Counterblast, etc. $16ppd.
  • V/A "Nardcore" CD Mystic Rec. One of the best comps documenting the nardcore scene in the 80's. Dr. Know. Ill Repute, RKL, Agression, AFU, Rat Pack, Rotters, False Confessions, Habeas Corpus, Stalag 13. $14ppd.
  • V/A "New York Thrash" CD Roir Rec. Great re-issue from the early 80's cassette series. Killer comp with Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, A.O.D, The Mad, Undead, Nihilistics, Kraut, etc... $14ppd.
  • V/A "New York Thrash" LP Roir Rec. Great re-issue from the early 80's cassette series. Killer comp with Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, A.O.D, The Mad, Undead, Nihilistics, Kraut, etc... Nice gatefold packaging for the LP $11ppd.
  • V/A "Nothing To Believe In" 36 band comp CD Know Rec. w/unreleased stuff from Naked Aggression, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Drain Bramaged, etc... $5ppd
  • V/A"The 144 Minute CD" 18 band CD comp Urinine Rec. Bands include Sanity Assassins, Rubber Frogs, Battery Pack, Candidate, etc..This Comp is MONO. Bands are either on the Left or Right channel. To hear the bands you need to be able to select the left or right speakers on your stereo system. $8ppd
  • V/A "PARTY OR GO HOME" CD Mystic Rec. 60 bands!! 7 Seconds, JFA, Authorities, Red Cross, The Grim, Stalag 13, Ill Repute, Rebel Truth, The Minutemen, White Flag, White Cross, Big Boys, Sin 34, SWA, etc... killer $14ppd.
  • V/A "Profane Existence 15th Anniversary" Magazine plus compilation 1989-2004 Vo. 1 CD with Doom, Nausea, Resist and Exist, Phobia, Exinction of Mankind, Pissed, Hiatus, React, State of Fear, etc...$8ppd
  • V/A "The Rise Of European Civilization" 26 song CD comp. Point Break Rec. Italy vs. Sweden. Bands include Millencolin, Miriam Place, No Fun At All, Body Jar, Satanic Surfers, De Crew, etc...$8ppd
  • V/A "REBIRTH HARDCORE:1999" 17 band comp LP Super Soul Rec. Killer lineup of who's who of the current crop of sxe bands. Shelter, Better Than 1000, Good Clean Fun, Fastbreak, 10 Yard Fight, etc...Cover is a giant poster. $8ppd
  • V/A "REBIRTH HARDCORE:1999" WHITE LABEL EDITION 17 band comp LP Super Soul Rec. Killer lineup of who's who of the current crop of sxe bands. Shelter, Better Than 1000, Good Clean Fun, Fastbreak, 10 Yard Fight, etc...This part of the 200 records that were pressed with plain white labels. $10ppd
  • V/A/ "RETRO IS POISON 4 way split LP Punks Before Profits Rec. with Ciril, Active Minds, I Object and Karnvapen Attack. Great stuff!! $9ppd
  • V/A "RUNT OF THE LITTER VOL.3" 39 band CD comp. Fan Attic. A comp of New England bands including Dislexics, Shitfit, Sorry Excuse, :30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Sanity Assassins, etc. $5ppd
  • V/A "RUNT OF THE LITTER VOL. 4" 37 band CD comp. Fan Attic. Keeping up with the tradition of supporting the New England scene. Bands include Arson Family, Kozik, The Uglies, Global Threat, Dimestore Haloes, etc...$5ppd
  • V/A "SERIAL KILLER" 28 band com CD Fearless Rec. Great budget comp with all your faves like Zeke, Queers, Strung Out, AllDay, 30 Foot Fall, At the Drive In, Smut Peddlers, Bracket, etc..$5ppd
  • V/A "Songs That Will Make You Cool" 13 band/16 band CD comp. Rockstar Rec. Comp of mostly pop punk bands like Gob(Canada), Highway 66, Discount, Slinky, Radio Baghdad. $8ppd
  • V/A "Super Seven Sampler #1" CD Mystic Rec. 14 classic 7"s on one release. Scared Straight, Agression, RKL, Social Spit, Battalion of Saints, NOFX, Ill Repute, Grim, PTL KLUB, Identity Crisis, Instigators, The Stain, Insolents, Dr. Know. $14ppd
  • V/A "Thrash of the Titans 2" LP Know Rec. The followup to the classic first release. $9ppd.
  • V/At "TOXIC SHOCK" CD Dr. Strange Rec. 4 classic 7"s on one release. Peace Corpse, Red Tide, Massacre Guys and the 7" comp Noise From Nowhere. $10ppd
  • V/A "We Bastard Motherfuckers" 22 song CD comp. Blu Blus Italy. Cool melodic punk bands from Italy. Kersone,Triggers, Derozer, Dead Ducks, Godzilla, Eversor, L.A. Choix, etc....$8ppd
  • V/A"We May Fight A Battle" 7 band/26 song CD Bouisleve Rec France. Cool comp of hardcore bands from all over the world. X-Acto(Portugal), By All Means(Italy), Autocontrol(Argentina), SC(Lithuania), Personal Choice(Brazil), Stonewall(Serbia). $10ppd
  • V/A"Too Much To Ask" 29 song/11 band comp CD. Rabbit Rec. Australia. Bands inclued Monkhouse, China Drum, Crank, Your Mother, Chopper. $8ppd
  • V/A "Now You Don't Remember?" 23 band/song CD comp. Rabbit Rec. Australia. Rare comp with killer bands. Millencolin, Rhythm Collision, No Fun At All, China Drum, Goober Patrol, Landspeed, etc.. $8ppd
  • V/A "Viva La Vinyl Vol #1" 16 band LP Dead Beat Rec. Bouncing Souls, J Church, Sicko, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, Tilt, The Kids, Etc..... $8ppd N. America/$11ppd World
  • V/A "Viva La Vinyl Vol #2" 16 band LP Dead Beat Rec. Naked Aggression, The Gain, Motards, Hickey, The Padded Cell, Less Than Jake, etc.. $8ppd
  • V/A "Viva La Vinyl Vol #3" 15 band LP Dead Beat Rec. Great comp w/Stitches, Detestation, The Bodies, Dirtys, Scarred For Life, etc... $8ppd
  • V/A "Welcome To Santa Barbara" 27 song/band comp CD Fishbowl Rec. Comp of h/c punk bands like Ill Repute, No Motiv, Missing 23rd, Angry Little Man, etc... $8ppd
  • V/A "What Were We Fighting For?- A Dead Kennedys Tribute" 17 bands/songs CD Know Rec. W/Electric Frankenstein, Anal Cunt, Blanks 77, Eyelid, Das Klown, Final Conflict, etc..$10ppd
  • Varukers "Murder" CD Rodent Popsicle Rec. Re-issue of a classic! $10ppd
  • Victims Of Society "Screaming Alone" 15 song CD Daybreak Records Belgium. Youth Crew style positive hardcore NOT mosh-core. Blends a little Youth Of Today with GB. $10ppd
  • Viimeinen Kolonna "Aistien Juhlaa" CD Hardcore Holocaust Rec. $9ppd
  • Violent Headache "Bombs Of Crust" LP Six Weeks. $8ppd
  • The Voids "Kill A Generation" CD Dr. Strange Rec. Great SoCal punk. $10ppd
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls "Who Is, This Is?" CD Dr. Strange. The 1st and BEST release. $10ppd
  • Voorhees "13" LP Six Weeks. Hardcore legends! $8ppd
  • What Happens Next "The First Year" song CD 625 Records. Great bandana crew hardcore. Includes stuff from the 1st 7" and 10" + a live show. $10ppd
  • The Weaklings "s/t" LP Junk Records. Straight up in your face punk rock!. $8ppd
  • The Weaklings "Just The Way We Like It" LP Junk Rec. Fast and furious punk rawk!! $8ppd
  • Wich Hunt "EPs and Crucial Chaos Radio Sessions" CD Profane Existence Rec. Collection of 7"s and a WNYU radio session. $8ppd
  • Wich Hunt "As Priorities Decay" CD Profane Existence Rec. Female-led political punk. $8ppd
  • Wolfpack "Allday Hell" CD Crimes Against Humanity Rec. 100% raging Swedish hardcore. $10ppd
  • World Burns To Death "The Sucking Of The Missile Cock" LP Hardcore Holocaust. Hardcore supergroup made up of members of Deathreat, Severed Head of State, From Ashes Rise...etc. $8ppd.
  • Yawp "Excuses For Hate" 14 song CD Kangaroo Rec. Straight Ahead old school punk from Europe!! $10ppd
  • Youth Against "La Revolucion De Los De Abajo" LP Alarma Records. Great Spanish political hardcore from Chicago ala Los Crudos. $8ppd
  • Youth Gone Mad "Oompa Loompa" CD Panx France. Another eclectic collection of tunes by the old Posh Boy band. Includes songs with Dee Dee Ramone. $8ppd World
  • Youth Gone Mad "Pollenate" 30 song CD Panx France. Raw and crazy stuff from Youth Gone Mad. $8ppd

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